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How does VaultAI escrow bot work?

VaultAI’s escrow bot is an escrow service built on the blockchain, which implements distributed ledger technology and serves as an impartial middleman between transactional parties.

AI Capabilities

Image Analysis

For jobs like design, the AI can analyze images shared in the chat to confirm if the design work matches the specified requirements.

Create Code

Create code utilizing Vault Tech AI Smart Contracts.

Review Code

If the job involves software development, the AI can review and execute code snippets, ensuring that the development work meets the stipulated criteria.

A New Era of Advanced Crypto Services

Our Escrow AI bot is now available on Telegram, it stands as a hallmark of trust in decentralized P2P transactions.

How does Vault Bucks work?

VaultBucks taps into the rapidly expanding crypto gambling market, which stood at $4.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to skyrocket to $65.7 billion by 2027.

The main goal of VaultBucks is to break the Vault! As simple as it sounds, the one who breaks the vault will win big prizes. But not only one prize, there are multiple prizes weekly that players are able to win with incentives daily! There is two main elements to this game, Keys and Bombs .

KEYS: 0.001 ETH

Keys are used on the vaults and will provide a potential way into the Vault to obtain the prize but some might break, some might snap... So stacking up the amount of keys you have will provide you with a higher chance of getting into the vaults.


Bombs give you a randomized chance of gaining and removed 0-100 keys from the vault! This is a risk worth taking considering the potential pools of Ethereum in the pot, try your luck! Although a little bit pricier, the value is a lot more than keys are if you’re looking to increase your chances!

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Vault Tech Escrow Architecture

The architecture of VaultAI’s Escrow Bot is meticulously designed to ensure secure and efficient peer-to-peer transactions. Here’s a breakdown of its workflow:

/START(Parameters: "Expected Delivery Time"
|                  "Amount"
|                  "Description for Expectations"
|                  "Telegram id of Seller")
Backend-API(start a contract)>> Seller receives an invitation 
|                               with description regarding the 
|                               project

How to buy $VAULT

1. Connect your wallet

2. Ensure you are on the Ethereum Blockchain

3. Add $ETH to your new wallet by transferring from an exchange (ex. Binance) or purchasing directly from your wallet.

4. Swap $ETH for $VAULT on Uniswap or directly swap here using Flooz.

$Vault Token Utilization

Revenue Sharing:

1% of fees processed via our Bot directly benefit a revenue-sharing pool, incentivizing $VAULT token holders.

Referral Program:

Users can earn by promoting VaultAI's services. Referrals earn 2% of completed transactions.

User-Friendly Design:

Initiating the bot is as simple as a /start command, ensuring ease of use for all users.

Transparent Leaderboard:

Our leaderboard highlights top-performing service providers, fostering confidence among users.


Weekly, service providers can win an entry into the VaultBucks Lottery, stimulating growth within the ecosystem.

Celebrating Excellence:

Vault Tech recognizes and rewards outstanding service providers through weekly giveaways.


Phase 1

Laying the Foundations

  • Token Launch: The dawn of a new era with $VAULT.
  • Coin Listing Sites: Enhancing visibility and accessibility.
  • Marketing, User Growth, and Acquisition: Amplifying our presence and building a robust community.
  • VaultEscrowBot Release: Introducing our decentralized escrow solution.
  • Partnership Announcements: Joining hands with industry leaders for a brighter future.

Phase 2

Expansion and Diversification

  • Vault Discord Bot: Expanding our ecosystem to Discord enthusiasts.
  • Vault iOS & Android App: Taking user experience to fingertips, across all devices.
  • Hire Social Media Management Agency: Streamlining and enhancing our digital presence.
  • Large Partnerships: Collaborating with giants for mutual growth.
  • Anonymous Transactions and Mixing Service: Prioritizing privacy and security in every transaction.

Phase 3

Setting Industry Benchmarks

  • Speed and Security Application Update: Because efficiency and safety are paramount.
  • Sponsorships: Aligning with esteemed events and platforms for greater outreach.
  • Livestream Promotions: Engaging with our community in real-time.

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