Awesome Features

Multi-chain wallet

Supports mainstream cryptocurrencies on the market. Manage multiple addresses with one single wallet.


For both novice and veterans! Intuitive interface design makes purchasing and managing virtual currency as easy as 1-2-3!

Supports in-store purchases

Present your purchase QR code and purchase with MITH at participating locations.

Highly secured

Encrypted private key for wallet addresses, cold and hot wallet smart management, organizational private key reserve specification - where you can store your virtual currencies securely.

Effortless management of your cryptocurrencies

Instant "shifting"
Built-in shifting feature which enables your to shift to any currencies with one click. Efforts at the exchange platform will no longer be necessary.
Accelerate mining efficiency with "Staking"
Exclusive "staking" feature enhances your staking level when you store MITH in VAULT. The higher your level is, the more efficient your mining speed will be.
"Send" securely and conveniently
Generate "Send" link to send virtual currency to your friends - easy and safe!

A wallet that earns you money

Social mining reward

Connect your VAULT account with social media platforms that support Mithril mining and you will be able to receive MITH rewards while you create content!

In-store purchase reward

In addition to spending MITH at participating locations, enjoy occasional reward and bonus! The more you spend the more you earn!

Refer friends and get MITH

When you refer a friend to Stake with VAULT, you will receive 20 MITH as a reward.

Where to start?

  • 01
    Register VAULT
  • 02
    Deposit cryptocurrencies to your VAULT account
  • 03
    Withdraw, Shift or Send your cryptocurrencies
  • 04
    Connect social mining app to your VAULT account

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I withdraw Mithril tokens?
Register Mithril Vault. Go to "settings" after log in, where you can connect your Lit acount to Mithril Vault. When you've connected both accounts, you can manage Mithril tokens you've acquired from social mining. You can withdraw to your wallets or shift to other cryptocurrencies. (Complete features will be updated on our official website.)
What are the benefits of staking?
The more you've staked, the higher your staking level will be. When you have a higher staking level, the faster you will acquire Mithril tokens from social mining apps (such as Lit).
Is Mithril token the only supported currency for withdrawal and deposit?
Mithril Vault currently supports Mithril and Ethereum. More currencies will be available in the future.
Does the staking level last?
The amount you’ve staked will be kept for 3 days, which will not be available for withdrawal. The amount that you've currently staked will determine your staking level. When it expires, the Mithril tokens that were previously staked will be released to your "available balance". You can then stake again according to your needs.
Download VAULT App
Download VAULT App now and start buying and managing your cryptocurrency asset!
  • Simple user interface tailored for novices.
  • Multi-currency wallet and supports instant shifting
  • Supports in-store purchases with one-click payment
  • Countless rewards that save you money

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies